Music & Movies in the Park: An Update!

Please note our schedule and plans are tentative pending the Town Council meeting on June 10th. Stay tuned!

Hi folks! After great meetings with the Recreation Department, Department of Public Works, and the Police Department, we’re ready to ask official permission to launch the first year of Music & Movies in the Park.

Pending Council approval (the meeting is June 10th, should anyone wish to come and lend their support), we’ll be hosting a series of 6-8 movie and music nights on Thursdays this summer. We’re still nailing down our official schedule, but expect a few nights of music from several different genres, and lots of fun movies including classics, new releases, and cult favorites.

In an attempt to cover our costs and still keep the events free to the public, we’ll be asking the Town Council permission to let the Hometown Revival Project sell beer and wine and host a few snack vendors. Each music or movie night will start strategically around sundown, giving folks from out of town the opportunity to come to Warren early and stroll around, grab a bite or a drink at one of our great eateries, and discover new shops, artists, and everything else Warren has to offer.

We hope these nights are a great way to bring neighbors together, raise some money for the park and other public spaces, and bring in some new folks to discover Warren for the first time.

Again, these plans are still tentative pending approval from the Town Council! If you’d like to lend your support in the meantime, consider donating to Hometown Revival Project (a 501(c)3 nonprofit), joining our group of volunteers, or sponsoring the program! Click here for more information and read on for more details about the program.

Why are we raising money, you ask? Here are just a few of the costs we expect to encounter…

  • Police details to monitor the park and make sure everyone is having a safe, fun time
  • Gig fees to make sure the musicians and technical support staff are rewarded for their time and effort
  • A new projector for the park (the town’s old projector was stolen a few years back, so it’s time for a new one!)
  • Licensing to show the movies
  • Event insurance to cover both the Hometown Revival Project and the Town of Warren

…all this, and we still hope to keep admission FREE for all.

Stay tuned for future updates and get in touch with any suggestions or questions!

— the Hometown Revival Project crew


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